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Hap Ki Do

October 28, 2010

By: Lou Javell

When I am not working, I enjoy relieving stress and practicing self-discipline through Hap Ki Do, a multifaceted Korean martial art. Hap Ki Do is an amalgam of several forms of self-defense, and involves the combination of traditional weaponry and body combat. A hybrid of many techniques, Hap Ki Do teaches both long- and short-range fighting. In addition to the use of ancient weapons like ropes, swords, and nunchucks, Hap Ki Do emphasizes the faculty of one’s whole body through kicks and hand strikes. The kicks employed range from low range kicks, originating below the waist, and high, jumping kicks; hand strikes are also various, some utilizing the flat of the palm and some a curled fist. Founded in the late 1800s, Hap Ki Do gained prevalence in the United States after World War 2. A comprehensive art, it draws from both aikido and jujitsu. As a regular participant in the form, I appreciate making full use of my capacities; Hap Ki Do requires complete harmony of all areas of the body, not to mention the mental strength evident in combat technique. The meaning of Hap Ki Do speaks to this unity: “Hap” means together, “Ki” means body and life energy, and “Do” means a unity of learning and life. By rehearsing the discipline of Hap Ki Do frequently, I find I gain a higher degree of mental clarity to apply to my career; I utilize the same concepts of strength in preparation, strategic planning, and focus in attack.